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Arc Customizable Notebooks

I wanted to write about a notebook system that I really like. It is very customizable for anything you may need. If you want to use them as your day planner it works equally well. This is the ARC system found at Staples. The beginnings of a notebook are sold (covers – leather or poly, pages and binder rings) but you can add pages like to-do, projects and graphs. There are post-it type notes, small project idea notes, and poly storage compartments to add, just to list a few things. Here is a great write-up from Derek on a A Nation of Mom’s and the Staples site has a video to see it in action. One more site that I like, not only for it’s review on the Arc system but because of its productivity information David Seah.

I am using the notebook system as a tie-in with my computer calendar and to-dos. At the moment I don’t trust my online calendars. I am sure it is something I am doing with syncing, but I keep losing appointments and that is not a good thing. I have the to-do section in the front, this way a genealogy project comes up, or a class lesson, I quickly jot it down. As ideas come to me I put it in the lined section. I also have a projects section that I use to outline certain areas of my genealogy research.

I recently bought David Seah’s the Emergent Task Planner and I’ll use the hole punch to add these to my notebook. The only thing I really wish was that Livescribe would get together with some of these people and companies to design the pages into dot pages. However, there is a work around albeit a bit on the expensive side. You can print your own dot paper on a color laser-jet, and if the printer has a scanner, use those pages to scan the forms/pages on it. This way whatever you write in your ARC will now sync onto your computer, into Evernote, or wherever you need it. A downside to this is, you won’t get the form, only what you write, into your Livescribe account.

I can only hope that one day Livescribe will get big enough that there will be plenty of other paper options available.

Happy Digging!!!

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