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A few weeks ago I did a post on the Livescribe*** (referral link, see bottom of post for explanation) pen. I currently use the Echo and have been using their pens since the beginning. Well in a moment of being blonde, I can say that because I truly have blonde roots, I ordered the Livescribe Sky pen. No research, just going by the information on their website.

Then after ordering I started having second thoughts. Yes, it is really nice that the pen will connect and sync to Evernote wirelessly, B U T will it do the same for Email, or Facebook, Google Docs, Google Sites, Computer or even MyLivescribe, like my Echo does through Connect Premium? Really what was I thinking? Why didn’t I research all this first? Why didn’t I go to some reviews and see what others were saying? I admit the sale price of $149.00 got me going, but still it was no excuse to forgo my normal buying routine.

Then a slight glitch happened. A few days before ordering Sky I ordered some extra pen refills in fine, and the portfolio through Livescribe (Target and Best Buy did not have any in stock). When the ordered was delivered I received someone else’s shipment. I called customer support and told them of the mix-up. I also asked for expedite delivery since I really needed those refills. While I was on the phone with this really great customer service rep. I asked about those features. She said they are not available at the moment, only synching to Evernote. However, there are plans in the future for an update that will allow synching to other services.

This is a huge deal breaker for me. I am in the process of getting super organized, (a future post coming soon) I need my notes to go to my computer folder, but I also need the ability to email them to Omnifocus if they are upcoming projects. I also need the ability to send the documents to Google Docs or to my computer in my Dropbox folder (another post coming on that one).

Another thing that really bothers me is that the pen is expensive. If it wasn’t for the Christmas sale going on the 2gb Sky is $169.95; whereas, the 2gb Echo is only $119.95. That is a significant amount of money. There really is not a whole lot of extras you get with the 2gb Sky, a starter dot notebook, but only 25 pages, 2 ink cartridges and 2 pen caps. For the $169.95 price I would at least expect a full-size notebook.

For my extremely busy lifestyle I need to have my information go to different aspects of my organization. Even though I know I will need a computer near me to dock my pen so it will send to those sites, I am fine with that for now.

Let me explain this a little better. Here is an example of what I mean by sending to different aspects of my organization. I am working with a client on a genealogy chart for her husband. I found some really interesting information which is contained in a very extensive document while I was in the library of a town 400 miles from home. I was not sure if this was something she wanted and would pay for the many photocopies. I wrote the information down in my Livescribe notebook along with a note to her and gave her the cost of photocopying all those pages. I made the mark needed to tell the pen that I wanted to send this page via email, I then write the code for her email address (which is already entered into the pens memory). Then I find some other information which I know will be helpful in my search; however, the library will not allow photocopies of this particular series because of its age. I can only write down the information, so I jot down the information and some notes. I make the mark to send this to Evernote.

While at the library I also found some really interesting books on the history of the town and it mentions the surname I am searching. I write down all this information for future reference and again mark to send to Evernote.

I then head over to the local FHL as I heard they hold all the birth records for that county (remember I am giving an example here). I have never been to this FHS so I am unfamiliar with their procedure, but I figure it must be the same as other FH centers. I get all set-up at a table and come to find out that, no they don’t do things as expected here, and the wonderful lady is going to explain to me how they keep their files and how to access information from their computers. I have out my trusty Livescribe notebook and pen and start taking notes and recording as she explains things to me. She is also giving me some wonderful history on this town and I am capturing everything she says and only writing down keywords; because I am so enthralled with what she is telling me.

All my other notes are taken in my Livescribe notebook and these I don’t mark. When I get back to my motel room I dock the pen to my laptop. It opens the appropriate software and sends off the documents I marked. The ones I didn’t mark automatically stay on my hard drive and also go to MyLivescribe. This way if I should ever need to access them remotely I still can. My client gets the email, I don’t have to remember to write it up and send it off to her. Evernote is already set-up to put the information I send in my genealogy folder.

I get a return email from my client that she does want the information, I forward that email to my Omnifocus’ special email address and it adds that as a to-do for me.

Once I get home and if I need to remember something about the history of that town that the clerk at the FHL had told me. I open my notebook and tap on the keyword I made around that time and I can hear everything she said. I can now go to my Genealogy Folder in my Evernote account and look at the notes I wrote and see if I can find those books online, perhaps as a free download in Google Books.

So you can see not having these options with Sky is a waste of money for me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Echo pen. But for now, I will wait until a later time when it can do these things. Because it really would be awesome to have been able to email my client right from the library’s WiFi system and perhaps receive an email back so I didn’t have to make a second trip and photocopy the information right then.

Just a reminder that I am in no way affiliate with Livescribe. I am just a very happy customer. I have not received any free items from them to write this post. If you do click on my refer link, you will get a 15% discount and I will get a referral fee.

***Today is the last day of their sale – $20.00 off Sky & $30.00 off Echo 2gb, so now would be an excellent time to get one of their pens***


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