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Hi! My name is Cathy von Hassel-Davies and I have been doing genealogy research for 20+ years. I started researching my von Hassel/Hassell/Hazell family tree in the 80’s and then moved on to my husband’s side of the family, the Davies. Both of these families proved interesting to research and have been a valuable learning experience.

The von Hassel/Hassell/Hazell family has proven difficult as my grandfather died a week before my Dad was born and any documentation is scarce due to WWII. You see there was one teeny, tiny, little hitch, one of my ancestors tried to kill Hitler and was caught. He was part of the seven in the bunker with the bomb, and he was hung with his cohorts. I actually have an audio of the trial where every possession was taken from the von Hassel family as punishment. Due to this, many records and family history showing any relations to Ulrich von Hassell was destroyed. My great-aunt Anne Hinck (sister to my paternal grandmother) was the one who told me about this link when I was young. She had a memorial book of John F. Kennedy which listed the dignitaries who attended his funeral and listed was Kai-Uwe von Hassel. One day while showing me the book she explained to me the family connection, it was very complicated for my young brain and unfortunately she couldn’t or wouldn’t retell the story in later years. She said she did have everything written down and it was mine when she passed away, but unfortunately when she passed family relations didn’t allow this and a massive dump of her belongings was done.

The Davies side shows how important it is not to believe everything you are told (and this includes the above story) until you can actually show proof. My husband, his brother, their grandfather, and other family members were always said they came from Wales and believed it until… Yes, you guessed right, I started researching and went back to my husband’s 2nd great grandfather around 1806 and I discovered he was born in England.

Professionally I have researched many other families such as Bair/Baer family of Kane, McKean County, Pennsylvania, along with:

Tighe’s – Ireland

Carter’s – VA & NC

Borchers’ – Germany


Glandorf’s – Germany

I specialize in researching genealogy within the United States – East coast and mid-Atlantic, along with Europe – England, Ireland, Wales and Germany. Even though I have been working in this field for over 20 years I decided this year to get my professional certifications.

For more information on my rates and fees please contact me by putting your name and number in Google Voice widget in the sidebar. This will allow you to leave me a message and I will contact you right away.

You can also Email me for rate information. I specialize in North Carolina and Virginia research along with England, Ireland and Germany and I can read, write and speak German.

Please visit my site, and tell me who you are researching. I am always willing to help out a fellow researcher.

Cathy von Hassel-Davies

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  1. Deborah says:

    Wow! I am blown away by your family’s WWII history. Amazing but very tragic.

  2. Deborah Re says:

    My father was the business partner in New York with Michael Hassel. He was the brother of Kai Uwe Von Hassell.

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